Raspberry Ketone Diet - Burn Fat Fast or Weight Loss Scam?

Shocking discovery leads to the fastest selling weight loss combo in years!



Monica Haupt: USCN News Reporter

Monica Haupt: investigates the Raspberry Ketone diet to find out for herself if this super diet works.

The latest trend regarding weight loss is using the Raspberry Ketone diet program. Worldwide attention has been drawn by this product. It is to be used as a supplement in order to control someone’s weight. Raspberry Ketone can be easily found in many testimonials or blogs over the Internet showing how people have seriously lost weight by using this pills.

Since here at USCN News we do not anything for granted the best way to fade away the mystery is by having a test regarding the pills.

In order to proceed, I myself entered the extremely large market on the Internet by applying on a reliable website - BERRY THIN which offers the needed pills. Beside offering a free testing time of the drops, Berry Thin seem to be the one providing the best weight loss drops on the Internet: well concentrated dosage and pure plants. This way I should have accurate results.

[Here is what Berry Thin claimed on their website...]

Strongly doubtful, but looking for definite answers I took into consideration that successful stories have implied combining the Raspberry Ketone diet with products cleaning the colon for better weight loss. It is said that good results have been obtained by taking Berry Thin and a colon cleanse at the same time. As a result I decided I should try it this way which implies the use of Raspberry Ketone in order to accelerate the weight loss process and the procedure of colon cleanse which allows eliminating the toxins in your body and at the same time have a better burn of calories.
For the latter I chose to try Super Colon Cleanse.

[Here is what Super Colon Cleanse claimed on their website...]

And the Super Colon Cleanse, like the Berry Thin, had a risk free trial with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and had no hidden offers.

Putting Raspberry Ketone Diet to the Test:

Both the Berry Thin and Super Colon arrived within 2 days of having placed my order online for the risk free trials.

The bottles I received contained a month worth of pills, which worked out perfect as I was to follow the supplement routine for 4 weeks time and document my progress.

My 4 Week Diet Test: Berry Thin + Super Colon Cleanse

My Results

Week One

Week1The results that I experienced were extreme after one week of both products diet. Beside a secondary effect of Raspberry Ketone which is having a diminished appetite, I was happy to see I was feeling really good, very lively and vigorously.

Without making any change in my daily activities after the seven day diet I lost 9 lbs reaching 140 lbs. Yet since I knew you a lot of water is lost at the beginning of diets I was curious to see which the other effects were.

Week Two

Not only did I lose 7 more pounds but it also helped me sleeping better without waking up, feeling my whole body much more relaxed. Having lost 16 lbs in only two weeks made me consider the Raspberry Ketone Diet a successful one.

Week Three

Being able to wear 2 size smaller dresses, losing 22 pounds and still having a high energy level made stop being that doubtful. Berry Thin and Super Colon Cleanse diet allowed me not to  have the old gas specific to former diets which made me need a 3 o’clock sleeping time.

Week Four

Week4After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 25 lbs since starting the Super Colon Cleanse and Raspberry Ketone Diet! Actually everyone at USCN Healh News is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the "guinea pig". Using the Berry Thin and Super Colon Cleanse in week 4 I lost 3 more pounds. But to be honest I really didn‘t have much more than that left to lose. And I am definately going to continue taking the Raspberry Ketone afterwards because it has so many antioxidants and vitamins that makes my skin look unbelievable.

I couldn‘t be any happier with the results.

I lost 25lbs in 4 weeks. No special diet and no intense exercise!


Like us, here at USCN Healh News, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this diet, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included :) ). And you have nothing to lose. Follow the links to the risk free trials I have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

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Good Luck with your WEIGHT LOSS !

Monica Haupt
Nutritionist & Health News Reporter

Monica Signature


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got my order yesterday !

I've received my orders yesterday including Berry Thin and Super Colon Detox. This is my first treatment day, I'll keep you informed.

Thank you for such a quick shipping !

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michelle kocher of NY @ 10:22:20 AM

About Berry Thin Diet

I always liked to show and feel nice. Although I did not eat much, the switch from an active to a static way of life made me accumulate several problems within 10 years: cellulite, constipation, 20 extra lbs, a tired complexion and irascibility. I decided to make a change. I tried many diets and food programs but with no result. At the time my husband told me about Raspberry Ketone Diet I was discouraged . I tried it right away and the results appeared immediately. Within the first month I lost 15 lbs and 8 inches (hips, waist, thighs). I got a fantastic energy and an extraordinary tonus. My complexion looked better , I could sleep and I got rid of the cellulite. Right now I am extremely thrilled with the results, I am keeping fit for 4 months and a half; practically I found the optimal solution and I can recommend it to everybody


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Carolyn Flint of IL @ 07:10:39 AM

Raspberry and Colon Detox


My friends and I have all been waiting for the Berry Thin and Super Colon Combo diet to hit the news. Atleast 5 of us have all done the Raspberry Ketone diet and we all lost a bunch of weight. This stuff truley is incredible and has changed all of our lives. Good luck to everyone who takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity


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javisam41 of FL @ 12:29:47 PM

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Before & After

Health and Diet writer, Monica Haupt of the USCN Health News team recently put the Raspberry Ketone Diet to the test.

She spent four weeks testing the effects of America‘s Newest Superfood combined with a Colon Cleanse (Super Colon Cleanse) to see for ourselves what this diet was all about. And, the results were surprising:

She lost 25lbs in 4 weeks.

The benefits of the Raspberry Ketone Diet beat all of our initial skepticism. We found the diet not only with weight loss, but it seemed to boost energy levels, and also helped Monica sleep better and to wakeup more rested.

Step 1:

First get Berry Thin: ( Use Promo Code "BERRY21" and Pay Only $1.95 for Shipping)

Step 2:

Then get Super Colon: ( Pay Only $1.95 for Shipping)

*Using BOTH products is highly recommended for results like Monica.


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